Express to Integrate Slyce Visual Search

express-logo-squareExpress has joined the growing list of retailers that have partnered with Slyce to integrate visual search in their mobile apps. With the power of the Slyce technology, Express app users will be able to conduct in-app searches simply by snapping a picture of a product, catalog image, or barcode.

With Slyce’s 3-D Visual Search technology, Express is creating interactive in-store experiences in over 600 retail and outlet locations. However user engagement will in no way be limited to just physical Express locations. Express app users can engage with Express catalogs and even Pasted image at 2016_06_23 02_50 PMarticles of clothing they see by snapping photos and immediately seeing relevant items from the Express catalog. Slyce’s technology removes hurdles in the buying process, allowing consumers to purchase what they want with ease.

The feature became available to consumers earlier this week and has already been a huge hit! Express is just the most recent retailer to choose Slyce to bring visual search to its customers and we at Slyce could not be more excited to begin this partnership.

Express Screen Shot 2

Express Screen Final

Download the Express app on iOS or learn more about Slyce.