American Eagle Joins Growing List of Retailers Using Slyce

Based in Pittsburgh, American Eagle Outfitters operates over 1,000 retail locations around the globe. Now, American Eagle Outfitters will bring the power of Slyce visual search to its customer base. With a contract officially signed, American Eagle Outfitters and Slyce will begin work on integrating visual search technology into the American Eagle mobile app.

AEOAmerican Eagle Outfitters joins retail giants such as Nordstrom’s and Home Depot in the visual search revolution. With the use of Slyce technology, American Eagle will be able to bring a truly interactive shopping experience to its customers. Users will be able to snap a photo of clothing they see and be able to purchase it directly from the app.

IMG_0933          IMG_0934

Additionally, American Eagle catalogs will become interactive through the Universal Scanner. Users will be able to snap a picture of 2-D images from the catalog and purchase the item. Integration of visual search will provide American Eagle customers with a wealth of new features. We at Slyce are excited to begin a new partnership.

Learn more about Slyce here or download the American Eagle app.