Pokémon Go and AR

Pokémon Go- if you have been on the Internet in the last five days, you’ve almost certainly hearpokeblog1d of it. The newest game from Nintendo, released in the United States this past Wednesday, is about to overtake Twitter as the most-used app on Android phones. Why all the hype? Simply put, Pokémon Go turns the childhood dreams of users into reality.

Based on the original Pokémon games, the premise of Pokémon Go is to catch and train Pokémon. However, instead of being confined to a Game Boy, these Pokémon “exist” in the real world, all around us. Walking down a city street will afford a user many chances to catch Pokémon using a stash of Pokéballs. Local landmarks are now Pokéstops and Pokégyms. Pokémon Go exists in the real world. So be on the lookout, what was a bush last week might now be crawling with Nidorans.

Pokémon Go makes use of augmented reality to bring “pocket monsters” to life. Augmented reality is already an established trend in mobile apps, and Pokémon Go is the latest installation. Snapchat utilizes the technology in its filters, and Microsoft is creating augmented reality workspaces with Hololens. Augmented reality is allowing developers to bridge the real and digital worlds. Slyce is also actively working to build this bridge.



At Slyce, we are working to connect the digital and physical sides of retail shopping. Our Universal Scanner turns physical objects into digital ones. In retailer apps, it creates a seamless buying process where products transition from physical to digital and ultimately back to physical.



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