Google Demonstrates yet another use of Visual Search

Google has recently released a new Arts and Culture app that makes full use of visual search technology. In the app, users cannot only take virtual tours of art museums across the world, but also can use visual search to get information about works of art they see before them. Google, like Slyce, is using visual search to connect the physical and the digital. This latest application creates a museum experience that is completely new. Now, users can look at a piece of real-world art and instantly access the life’s work of the artist, all with a visual search. The “Art Recognizer” is seamless and represents yet another field where visual search is powering change.

Visual search continues to expand to new fields. Slyce is excited to be working on the forefront of this expansion. Our forays into consumer apps, retail search, and even the medical field are just first step. Slyce technology, like all of visual search, will continue to innovate and evolve.

Learn more about Slyce or get the Arts & Culture app for Android here.