Slyce Brings Life to Life in Online Searches with Product Recognition

Italy’s Daniela Pizzurro has researched new online search technologies and praised Slyce’s visual search as both innovative and incredible. “With the Slyce app installed on any smart device, any photo of any item you click can be used as input to search the web for that item. The results are astonishing! You can find that purse you just saw a stranger walk by with, simply by snapping a picture of it and letting Slyce automatically do a search by the graphical image of the item. If it is at all available for sale on the open market, you can usually immediately buy it or something that comes as close to it as possible from virtually any E-commerce retailer.”

SLtyce bag

This is the ultimate in technology-augmented shopping. It is quick and easy to find any item by its image. With the latest versions of Slyce in dozens of retailers, you can use imagery from lots of online sources. Use a picture snapped of a printed sales flyer, or of items in catalogs, or in news articles, in a social media post, offered through Pinterest, or even a random picture that was sent to you in an email. Or course, the most interesting way is by you snapping the picture of an actual item, in the real world, and being able to buy it in a few seconds.

Read Daniela’s article here, or learn more about Slyce here.