How Slyce’s Visual Search Can Change SEO for E-Commerce

Is there such a thing as Visual SEO? Search Engine Journal recently published a great analysis of how image-recognition technology is likely to disrupt traditional search in the coming decade, much as voice search has already started to do. Among the fascinating factoids they shared that are driving adoption of visual search: Our brains process… Read Article

Slyce Brings Life to Life in Online Searches with Product Recognition

Italy’s Daniela Pizzurro has researched new online search technologies and praised Slyce’s visual search as both innovative and incredible. “With the Slyce app installed on any smart device, any photo of any item you click can be used as input to search the web for that item. The results are astonishing! You can find that purse you just… Read Article

Slyce named to top 100 disruptive brands

Marketing Week has just released its list of the top 100 disruptive brands of 2016 and Slyce is thrilled to have made it. Slyce joins innovators such as Postmates, Slack, and Warby Parker on this year’s list. According to Marking Week’s Russell Parsons and Salesforce’s Emma Chalwin, the creators of the list, these companies are… Read Article

Google Demonstrates yet another use of Visual Search

Google has recently released a new Arts and Culture app that makes full use of visual search technology. In the app, users cannot only take virtual tours of art museums across the world, but also can use visual search to get information about works of art they see before them. Google, like Slyce, is using… Read Article

Pokémon Go and AR

Pokémon Go- if you have been on the Internet in the last five days, you’ve almost certainly heard of it. The newest game from Nintendo, released in the United States this past Wednesday, is about to overtake Twitter as the most-used app on Android phones. Why all the hype? Simply put, Pokémon Go turns the… Read Article

Slyce featured in Wall Street Journal

We at Slyce are proud to be featured in the Wall Street Journal’s article on image recognition! The article tells the story of visual search’s rise, focusing on both Pintrest and Sylce. While Pintrest is just starting to create a bridge between the physical and virtual world, WSJ Report Yoree Koh recognizes that Slyce has helping… Read Article

Mobile Marketer highlights the use of Slyce visual search in retail app search bars

Today, Mobile Marketer put its spotlight on Slyce’s visual search technology. Chantal Tode, the senior editor at Mobile Marketer, specifically discussed the Slyce’s new contract with American Eagle Outfitters. CEO Ted Mann, in his interview with Tode, discussed the growing field of image recognition software, “Visual Search is growing 20 percent month over month for… Read Article

American Eagle Joins Growing List of Retailers Using Slyce

Based in Pittsburgh, American Eagle Outfitters operates over 1,000 retail locations around the globe. Now, American Eagle Outfitters will bring the power of Slyce visual search to its customer base. With a contract officially signed, American Eagle Outfitters and Slyce will begin work on integrating visual search technology into the American Eagle mobile app. American… Read Article

Express to Integrate Slyce Visual Search

Express has joined the growing list of retailers that have partnered with Slyce to integrate visual search in their mobile apps. With the power of the Slyce technology, Express app users will be able to conduct in-app searches simply by snapping a picture of a product, catalog image, or barcode. With Slyce’s 3-D Visual Search… Read Article

Q&A with Slyce CEO, Ted Mann, on Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

What were some of the interesting trends that Mary Meeker reported? Ted Mann: In the 2016 Internet Trends report, Meeker highlighted the rise of mobile photography — a big mobile paradigm, alongside messaging. More than 3 billion photos per day are shared via social apps (Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger) and many multiples of that are shared outside of… Read Article