1. Increase app usage
  2. Expand customer engagement opportunities
  3. Enhance search capabilities

Slyce Solutions

Shopper uses Slyce’s innovative technology to empower over 2 million users a month to add items to a list by simply taking a photo of them. By snapping photos of grocery products, including non-packaged items such as fruit and vegetables, users can instantly check product availability, verify the best price, and automatically access coupon offers.


  • Increase app usage and engagement
  • Attract a new user demographic for the app
  • Create more advertising opportunities within the Shopper
  • “Snap2Add is really a new way to build mobile lists that is quicker and appeals to a more visual-oriented consumer.” – Sean Flynn CEO of Product Decision Network

Inside Shopper’s Success

By having Slyce’s innovative technology in its app, the Purchase Decision Network is able to acquire and engage users. Grocery shoppers, intrigued by Shopper’s uniqueness and convenience, are hurrying to download Shopper. Removing search hurdles and decreasing search time has made users more likely to return. Overall, using photos to build shopping lists has been a delightful experience for Shopper users.

Additionally, Shopper is now attracting visual consumers. By adding Slyce’s Snip2Add capabilities, Shopper is able to appeal to this new demographic.

Finally, Slyce’s tech has created a highly-targeted sponsored advertising network for CPG advertisers. Brand sponsorships allows brands to appear throughout targeted users’ entire experience or repeatedly appear as one of the listings for a relevant food category.


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