The Visual Search SDK

The Slyce Visual Search SDK is a plug & play mobile solution that wraps many advanced image recognition processes into one simple universal scanner. Offer your customers a new innovative search experience that allows snapping or scanning any object around them to receive immediate exact match or similar results online.

In working with dozens of retailers at Slyce, we’ve found that product search is just one of many visual-search functions that add value to retailer apps. Catalog scanning and barcode scanning are often every bit as useful. Our Software Development Kit combines these and other scanning modes into one unified camera class. Your users can access all the functionality simply by tapping on the camera icon in your app. Our SDK seamlessly handles barcodes, QR codes, coupons, and any real world image. Your users can access all the functionality simply by tapping on the camera icon in your app.

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Slyce’s visual search handles 1, 2 and 3 dimensional images, providing retailers an easily integrated, complete scanning solution.

Product Recognition

Identify a product in a photograph and create specific product descriptions to search a product API or database.

Barcode Recognition

Instantly recognize barcodes in your app with multi-format support for 1D & 2D barcode types.

Print Recognition

Deliver an exact match to any known reference image or catalog image

Find Similar

Create a visually similar result set based on the visual attributes and metadata extracted from the image.

Demo Visual Search

If a customer sees a product they love in the real world, they just take its picture on their mobile device.

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