Introducing TommyNow Snap — the 1st visual search runway app

We’re so proud to have partnered with Tommy Hilfiger to help create the 1st ever retail shopping app built entirely around the camera and visual search!

The app is actually the product of many months of iteration, and an evolution of the TommyLand Snap:Shop app we launched earlier this year. Tommy wanted to test out visual search in an app that accompanied their 2017 Gigi Hadid line, and enabled anyone to snap a photo of a runway model at their Venica, CA, fashion show in February, and instantly identify all of the items worn.

The results were so great — Tommy Hilfiger himself called it “breakthrough in shopping,” and we won 2 Clio awards for the work — that Tommy has worked with Slyce to build an entirely new app, used year-round, that uses visual search and visual commerce as the main method for discover. “Snap the Look” will also be used for Tommy’s Fall 2017 fashion show in London.

Thousands of expected attendees will be able to also view a feed of all the fashion photos from the event, i.e. the runway model’s entire outfits from head-to-toe, and instantaneously shop all the products complete outfits on and via the Tommy Hilfiger mobile app, and of course everything will be available at Tommy Hilfiger stores in over 70 countries.

Here’s a look at the app:

What’s so interesting about TommyNow Snap is that it’s entirely built around visual search and visual commerce. Everything — camera search for products, AR for the virtual runway, social shopping from Instagram photos — revolves around the camera.

Many retailers have attempted to make their apps shrunken-down versions of their website. But Tommy Hilfiger is breaking new ground by building an experience that leverages the most powerful parts of the mobile phone—the camera, the processing power, the social photo feeds.

It may be the most native, mobile shopping experience ever created.

Read more about the app on the Tommy Hilfiger blog.

Download the app here to try it out!