Our 14 favorite fashion apps of 2015

From augmented reality, to big data, to fitting technology, our favorite fashion apps of 2015 represented the breadth of what the fashion tech industry has become. If this is what fashion tech innovators came up with this year we can’t wait to see what they have in mind for 2016. Take a look at the apps we thought made the most impact on the fashion tech scene this year.

1) Closet Space

Using Stylitics, a fashion analytics service that leverages big data to help you dress better and help retailers give you what you like, the app lets you peruse through an assortment of fashion content from bloggers and other ClosetSpace users.

2) Stylematch

As with many apps, augmented reality is becoming a significant component. The app’s Virtual Change Room can be used as a fitting room on you iPhone. Try on clothes you own, or items featured in the app.

3) EyeFitU

With so many pointless fashion apps (there, we said it), it’s always exciting to find an app that fixes a common shopping problem most of us face. It would be ideal if all of our favorite brands’ sizes were the same, but that is rarely the case. That’s why EyeFitU comes in handy – its an app solely dedicated to helping shoppers determine their size in each individual store they visit.

4) Bespoke

Most professionals in this industry are constantly balancing new ideas or muses, and having them all in one place is beneficial no matter what the project. Fashion designers can curate their latest collections on Bespoke, and fashion tech innovators can use the app to store links to the press their company is getting. Instead of keeping information on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, physical notepad or wherever else, Bespoke is an organized alternative.

5) Chic Sketch

We’re always looking for fashion apps that solve problems, like organizing a closet or making online shopping easier, but it’s also nice to find an app that focuses on something creative and fun. With Chic Sketch, created by Appetizer Mobile, your best outfits can be turned into beautiful works of art. Collectively, we’re always jealous of people who can create precise sketches, and this app does the work for you.

6) Fabric

With Fabric, everything revolves around hashtags. You can create hashtags to organize the clothing items you like into collections. You can use the same hashtags as friends to create joint collections, or peruse hashtags made by other users. When items are marked with a hashtag, they are also added to your personal profile, so it’s easy to find them again later.

7) Stash Beauty

For beauty lovers who never want run out of their favorite products, Stash informs you when your favorite items are on sale or when they’ll need to re-purchase them. All that it requires is that you enters which beauty products you frequently use, and how much is left in each product.

8) Pickfit

Pickfit is meant to be simple — no need to take pictures of every item in your closet or create monotonous captions. You can simply upload two pictures of the outfits you’re considering wearing, and send them to your friends on the app. When you send those outfit options to your friends, you can also specify what the outfits would be for (a date, party etc.).

9) Craves

Slyce’s latest app, Craves, relies on visual search capabilities to help users find boutique clothing items they love. With Craves you can take pictures of items you want, and the app connects you with the item, or similar items, as the app searches through billboards, catalogs, print ads and web images. The app doesn’t require any cropping or description in order to find what you’ve requested it to search for. Just what we like to see when we’re looking for good fashion apps.

10) FashionTap

Playing with a fashion app is a great way to find items you love, develop personal style and enjoy yourself. Getting paid to use a fashion app would make it even better, right? Our App of the Week, FashionTap, makes this possible.

11) Cuuura

Many apps are trying to merge the fashion and social worlds, and Cuuura is no exception. The app employs a social platform that solely focuses on fashion. With Cuuura, users can curate their wardrobe digitally, connect with friends to share what’s in their closet and access a newsfeed that features fashion news from around the world. What sets Cuuura apart from other fashion apps is that it includes a polling system that allows users to get and give fashion advice.

12) Villoid

Alexa Chung has just launched her next fashion venture called Villoid, which functions like a combination of Instagram and Polyvore, with fun shopping features. The intuitive, user-friendly interface allows users to select an inspiration board template and create endless combinations of outfits down shoes and accessories. The templates are fluid and do not limit your creativity.

13) Vogue Runway

In the wake of Style.com folding and transforming into a soon-to-be-launched e-commerce hub for Conde Nast titles, we still believe Vogue Runway is what we all miss about Style.com. The app is a runway collection hub from Fashion Weeks across the globe. It is not a social app, but Vogue Runway operates from the standpoint of an authority in the fashion industry.

14) Tagspire

Do you see pictures of a high school friend who went on a wild vacation in some tropical land and wonder what hotel she’s staying at, praying you can be that cool one day? If so, there’s a new app that’ll have you jumping for joy. Say hello to Tagspire.

Do you think fashion apps will matter as much in 2016? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

By Ashley Paintsil