1. Increase App Usage
  2. Increase Mobile Transactions
  3. Enhance Customer Engagement
  4. Remove Search Hurdles

Slyce Solutions

Snap. Find. Shop mobile app enables shoppers to photograph real-world items, find similar products in the Neiman Marcus catalog, and buy them with one tap. Slyce 3D Snap-To-Buy functionality has launched a next-generation real-world shopping experience for Neiman Marcus customers.


  • “Search results 95% accurate” – Wanda Gierhard, Neiman Marcus CMO
  • Increased app usage, customer engagement, and customer satisfaction
  • Widely covered by many media outlets

Neiman Marcus uses Slyce’s visual search to power Snap. Find. Shop.

With Snap. Find. Shop customers are able to take photos of real-world items and find similar products in the Neiman Marcus catalog. Once the product is discovered, shoppers can purchase with just one tap.

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Inside the Success of Snap. Find. Shop

Slyce’s 3D visual search boosts Neiman Marcus’ mobile and media presence, removes search hurdles, and uniquely engages customers, thus increasing transactions.

Snap. Find. Shop has propelled Neiman Marcus’ mobile presence to the next level. The feature continues to drive new downloads of the mobile app. Since implementation, mobile usage, on both the web and the app, has increased.

Neiman Marcus’ use of Slyce’s cutting-edge technology has brought new publicity to the company. Since its release, Snap. Find. Shop has been covered by media outlets focusing on retail, technology, and business. Neiman Marcus even won Luxury Daily’s 2015 Luxury Retailer of the Year thanks to its introduction of Slyce’s innovative digital technologies.

By removing search hurdles and engaging customers, Neiman Marcus has been able to increase mobile transactions using Slyce’s technology. Customers are no longer forced to describe a product. Instead, they easily upload photos to find matching products, allowing them to discover more products from the Neiman Marcus catalog and reducing drop-off.

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Since implementing visual search, customers have become more engaged with Neiman Marcus. Shoppers turn to Neiman Marcus first to identify real-world items. Customers even rely on Snap. Find. Shop when in competitors’ stores. Not only are they more engaged, but also customers are more satisfied with their Neiman Marcus shopping experience!

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