The Brief

Slyce was tasked with creating a customized visual search app for Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommyland fashion show in Venice Beach February 8, 2017.

Working closely with the Tommy Hilfiger marketing team, Slyce created the first-ever Runway Recognition app to enable users to purchase the looks they loved as soon as they saw them live on the runway or in a pop-up shop.

What We Built

  • Built a Custom Tommyland app
    • Supported on both iOS and Android.
  • Integrated Slyce Visual Search
    • Activated both 2D (event signage and billboards) and 3D (looks on the runway), pop-up shop merchandise, UGC.
    • Created “List Building” functionality so users could snap and save the looks they love.
    • Utilized total outfit recognition technology (identification of all items worn in models “looks”)
    • Accurate in varied lighting conditions and from a variety of angles and distances
  • Created a direct pathway to Tommy Hilfiger’s eCommerce platform when a customer selected a saved look for seamless transition to point of purchase.

The Experience

The app went live several days prior to the event and looked amazing. Event attendees and others around the USA loaded the app, followed a quick tutorial and were able to snap the runway, pop up shops and billboards.

Event attendees had over 200 points of activation between the models, outfits, items and signage around Tommyland. The image recognition provided better than 93% accuracy on results for 3D and 100% accuracy for 2D and Video.


  • 93% accuracy on results for 3D
  • 100% accuracy for 2D and Video
  • Technology worked seamlessly with no outages