1. Create a visionary in-store customer experience
  2. Enhance in-store customer engagement

Slyce Solution

Photograph any in-store advertisement, catalog item, or editorial and discover detailed product information. Slyce 2D Snap-to-Discover bridges the gap between the physical and digital storefronts.


  • Increased app usage and customer engagement
  • Increased conversions in-store and online
  • Leading-edge technological in-store experience that caters to the needs of the store’s main demographic

Urban Outfitters Usecase

The Urban Outfitters app uses Slyce’s visual recognition technology to power its latest feature: Scan + Shop.

Scan + Shop makes the Urban Outfitters catalog and printed works interactive! Shoppers can take a photo of an item in the catalog and quickly find the product with the Urban Outfitters app.

Scan + Shop’s Success

With 2D image recognition, Urban Outfitters can easily interact with users across multiple platforms. When a user is in-store or flipping through the catalog, they are motivated to use the Scan + Shop feature in the app. This enables Urban Outfitters to connect with its demographic where they spend their time, on mobile devices.

Not only does Slyce’s technology give Urban Outfitters multi-platform access to its shoppers, but also it incentivizes shoppers to download the mobile app.

2D scanning has increased Urban Outfitters’ in-store and online transactions because it removes search hurdles and engages customers.

Thanks to Slyce’s technology, Urban Outfitters products are easily discoverable. Shoppers are able to immediately identify and purchase products they see in print material.

Additionally, by actively engaging the customer in the store, Urban Outfitters has been able to increase the amount of time customers spend in its stores. Signage in store prompts the customer to try Scan + Shop, all the while increasing exposure time.

Product Recognition Makes Shoppers Happy

When shoppers use Scan + Shop, they are able to identify and purchase a product they are interested in without friction. Urban Outfitters customers find Slyce’s product discoverability process both exciting and painless.

Get Scan + Shop on Urban Outfitter’s iOS app.

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