Increase user engagement

Help users find exactly what they’re looking for through search by image and visually similar products

Simplify product discovery

Connect users with more content through a better browsing experience based on visual similarity and auto-categorization

Bridge the gap between the print and digital storefronts

Make the path from inspiration to conversion quick, easy and fun with interactive print recognition

Snap to Buy

Identify virtually any product in a user generated photograph. Slyce converts a photograph into hyper-specific product descriptions, which are utilized to search a retailer’s product API or product database.

Snap to Coupon

Never forget a coupon at home again. Pioneered by Slyce's own SnipSnap app, this use case describes the simple act of scanning a printed coupon in order to transform it to a mobile coupon, saved on your smartphone. Slyce's Coupon Author SDK works hand-in-hand with our Visual Search SDK to power the entire coupon experience, from coupon snap to in-store redemption.

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